Saturday, July 29, 2017

George's Round 2

Hello Everyone!

Two-hand touch football with the kids!
This week was the second time that All Access made a visit to George's Island. I was stationed at Sports this week and had the opportunity to visit the dark tunnels once again, but this time, as an expert. As always, David led our expedition into the dark passages. Along with our usual group, we had the opportunity to show a few of the Save the Harbor interns who usually stay in the office around the island. The second time in the tunnels was even better than the first. Instead of being the one who gets scared, I was the one doing the scaring this time. We got to lead some of the campers into our "trap" led by David  of course. The weather that day was extra chilling, making the hairs on our arms stick up. You could feel the temperature drop when you walked through the tunnels. This made the presence of the "Lady in Black" that much stronger. It probably made the experience for the kids much more exciting and fun! It was fun to see how scared everyone was, knowing that was how I felt last time.

During sports, I got to play football with some of the campers. We invited them over when we saw them aimlessly walking around the fort. It always feels good to bring some smiles to a few friendly faces. We organized a game of 4 on 4 with, no tackling, but two hand touch. I also had the pleasure to witness our senior harbor educator Jennifer "master" her football throw. Maybe she will be the next Tom Brady by the time summer ends! The Patriots will finally find the perfect quarterback replacement!

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