Tuesday, July 6, 2010

First Day

We started last summer with day after day of rain and clouds. I was praying for clear skies and some heat. Now this summer has started just the opposite from last summer. It may be a little bit too hot though. Nevertheless, Save the Harbor/Save the Bay never lets the weather, no matter what it may bring, stop us from having a good time.

Michelle, Latoya, and I kicked off our summer on the harbor at Piers Park. After getting to know our young harbor explorers, we set off for the dock, geared with fishing rods, crab traps, a lobster trap, and guide books. It did not take long for our young companions to notice that we were missing one key tool, bait. This may seem like a problem to many, but any angler knows that you can just go out with a hook and a rod and come back with dinner. We started off our day by picking muscles off the dock to use as bait in the crab traps. Soon after we had a bucket full of crabs and were ready to go fishing. We hooked up the crabs to our poles and then casted away. It was not long before we got a few bites. However, these bites only came from other crabs. We ended the day at Piers Park with a bucket full of giant red rock crabs. If today is a sign of things to come, I am expecting a great couple of months of summer at the Boston Harbor.

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