Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Greeting to All

Hey guys,

My name is Dan Kenary and writing for this blog over the next couple of weeks is going to prove to be a challenge. With just over two weeks left in a cast, I have quickly learned that typing with a broken dominant hand is even trickier than handwriting. I look forward to all this summer has to offer.
It is my first season with Save the Harbor/Save the Bay and all signs are pointing towards this being a summer to remember. Having just finished my freshman year at the College of the Holy Cross, I am eager to expand upon my independence in the professional world. Living locally and having a father who works right on the waterfront have earned me strong familiarity and appreciation for the Baston Harbor. One of my earliest experiences on the Harbor was many years ago when my dad took us out fishing on the Harbor with his long time friend Bruce Berman. I can remember ceaseless verbal banter (for Bruce and my father harbor opposing political opinions yet share a love for the harbor). There was some fishing in between then followed by my youngest brother threatening my other brother with a filet knife in hopes of settling a dispute over who had caught the bigger cod. Bruce, a self-proclaimed Wolfgang Puck, then advised us on how to properly marinate and cook our catches. I'll give it to him. Not bad.

In summation, I believe this brief narrative accurately describes my adoration and mentality towards the Boston Harbor: worry-free enjoyment amongst friends which all residents should be entitled to. Save the Harbor/Save the BayS has played an enormous role in the cleaning the harbor so as to ensure opportunity to enjoy the benefits.

Through their Summer Youth Program, they have taken it a step further and met the Massachusetts residents more than halfway in their experiencing of the fruits which literally lay in their backyard. For that reason, I am honored to be a part of this program in which I can help others experience fishing for the first time, a privilege I may have otherwise taken for granted.

Dan Kenary

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