Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Exploring Shell Beach

Today we embarked on a new adventure at Camp Harbor View! Over the next few weeks we'll be exploring Long Island from top to bottom, uncovering its hidden treasures, and learning more about the history of the island and the harbor.

Bruce joined us for the occasion!

We started out today by taking a trip to the rocky beach on the south side of Long Island. While we've spent plenty of time tide-pooling and searching for crabs on the north side of the island between the swimming beach and the fishing pier, this was the first time we've really gotten to explore "Shell Beach", as we later named it.

The name suited the beach perfectly; it was littered with piles of slipper shells, mussel shells, and periwinkle shells. After checking out the shells, we set off in search of sea glass and other interesting artifacts!

Thi may have a reputation as the champion glass hunter, but Hughes gave her a run for her money by finding a rare piece of grey sea glass!

Mark had the coolest find of the day, a rock split perfectly down the middle with layers of different colored rock and crystals on the inside, almost like a geode!

Chantelle with all the treasures we found today

We left all of our artifacts, cool rocks, and shells on a big rock where we will be collecting everything we find on Shell Beach over the rest of the summer (but if we spend a few more days at the beach we may have to find a bigger rock!).

Future destinations for the Boston Harbor Explorers at Camp Harbor View over the next few weeks include the lighthouse and the hiking trails, where we will learn a little history and hunt for invasive plants. We'll also be conducting a weekly crab count, and further explorations along the shore.

We will also share our ongoing research on the Scarlet Lady of Long Island with you all as we uncover the facts. Here is a picture of Cara after a rumored recent encounter with her on the island.

See you soon


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