Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Motor Oil Bottle

Today at Piers Park a few kids noticed an old motor oil bottle floating past the dock. They were excited as they realized it was their chance to do their part saving the harbor. After a few unsuccessful attempt to retrieve it; I stepped in and pulled the bottle in with a fishing rod. After this, the kids tried to remove any and all debris they could from the water. When I saw a log, about a foot in diameter and five feet long float past, I knew I was in trouble. The kids pulled it close to the dock with some nets. I asked them if they wanted to pull it in. They all wanted that log up on the dock. I figured it couldn't be too heavy so I grabbed some line, tied a couple of bowlines and looped them around each end of the log. Sarah and I tried to pull it up with no luck. It was much heavier than I originally estimated. Over the next half-hour, we tried many different methods to pull the log up without success. Eventually, we had to push it back out to sea; at which point I explained that driftwood wouldn't do any harm to the harbor.

The enthusiasm that the kids had was incredible and their desire to help clean up the harbor was truly admirable.
-Scott Wortman

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