Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Georges Island

Today I did dock side for All Access Boston Harbor and it brought back memories. I thought back to the Marine Mammal Safri this past April that I attended. I was in charge of placing people in boats and taking group photos. The onl difference was Brianne was in charge of scheduling who are on the boat and I was checking groups in getting accurate numbers of people and sending them down for a group photo.

It felt good being trusted to sign people in and greet everyone as the
y arrived. The kids that walked down the blue road to get their photos taken were so full of excitement and so was I. This was my first time heading out to Georges Island. When we got there I was amazed at how peaceful it looked and how many parts of tje island caught my eye. I wanted to explore all the dark holes and figure out where the old flights of stairs lead.
As the kids lined up to go into the tunnel I was scared. I never been in it and it looked so dark and creepy. Before I could help kids make jt through I had to first. I help Candido and Maki's hand as I walked through the dark, loud cave and before I knew it i had made it through. After, I was able to walk back and forth the tunnel alone. I gave the kids who were scared advice; place your right hand on the right wall of the tunnel and you'll make it through. It worked and more kids continued to pass on and use my advice. It was nice to feel just like one of the kids full of excitement, energy and curiosity! :)


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