Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Where Does Sand Come From?

Today at Constitution beach, we dedicated our time to learning about the sand that makes our beaches. One of the kids, John, asked me about what sand is made of and where it comes from. As we touched the sand and observed it's characteristics, we concluded that it mostly came from the weathering of rocks or volcanoes. This type of sediment is called lithogenic sediment since it is from the earth. Though we also noticed that several shells and other parts from ocean life contribute to the make up of this sand which makes it biogenic sand, or from living creatures. As soon as we were done making our observations we all decided to have fun with our sand. We started digging holes and making little islands and then a few of the other kids decided to start covering their legswith sand. We all joined together and started to make a little colony of YMCA kids in the sand. We even turned John into a mermaid! How funny!We all had so much fun learning about one of the most important aspects of the beach. I hope I can enjoy doing this again sometime soon!

Annie Adams

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