Thursday, August 4, 2011

My first fish

Hey guys. last week Friday i was at piers park and courageous sailing center. I was with Sara, Senait and Dierdre.
At piers park we mostly play games and go fishing. when we got to pears park some of the kids was playing soccer. After some of the kids that didn't go on the ferry boat got to go fishing with us but we didn't catch any fish there , the only thing we caught were crabs. So the day at piers park is over and here I come courageous sailing center. So at courageous sailing center we caught a star fish and a good amount of crabs.the day was almost over and the kids started to leave, and there was one kid left and we was raping stuff up and I decide to grab a fishing rod and threw it in with out no bait after a 30second I pulled out a fish. I was really happy that day because it was my time catching a fish!!!.

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