Thursday, August 14, 2014

Beach Bash and Splash 2014

     Around the middle of August Save the Harbor/Save the Bay hosts its largest and most ambitious event: The Beach Bash and Splash! The Beach Bash and Splash is an annual event where every single child from every program site that is partners with Save the Harbor comes out to the M Street Beach at the Curley Community Center in South Boston for a day of sports, games, face painting, murals, swimming, and of course, hot dogs! The event generally has a turnout in the several hundreds, with this particular bash and splash having a turnout of 700 people! That is a lot of people to be on a single enclosed beach! The day started out with plenty of preparations. The banners had to be set up, the drinks had to be chilled, the tables had to be positioned. We had to set up different areas for sports, face painting, and murals. Once all was said and done, the groups started to flow in at 10 o'clock, marking the start of a long and hectic day!

The staff and the program partners!

For a couple of hours the groups were free to do whatever they wanted around the beach. However, once noontime came around the groups had to congregate on the beach for the actual splash! Each year every single child from our program sites run into the freezing harbor for an almighty splash! The splash is filmed, and has garnered the attention of many news outlets such as the Boston Globe. After the splash the groups were welcome to have some tasty all beef hot dogs courtesy of our staff! Lunchtime was especially hectic. Hot dogs had to be grilled, buns had to be placed in trays, and condiments had to be placed on the hot dogs. Over 1500 hot dogs had to be grilled! After all was said and done, the event was very successful. We accommodated each and every one of our guests, and made sure they had a blast!

-Vinh Tran
Lead Harbor Explorer

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