Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Crab Kings

This week not that many kids have been at McDonough, but as soon as we start catching crabs and lobsters they all start lining up to see them. This Monday we caught 6 lobsters and they were all huge. The kids were all really excited to see the huge lobsters that we had brought back with us. Lucky for the lobsters I don't eat them or other wise they would've all been dinner. One of the lobsters we caught was 4 pounds, he was really fat and looked like he had been eating for days.

Me and Mae and Larry

On Tuesday Daniel and I went fishing for crabs to see who could catch the most crabs. When the race started I was down 6 crabs and I had lost all hope of wining and Daniel looked like he was never going to stop catching crabs. However, once I started there was no stopping me, I had caught 5 crabs in less than 6 minutes and I had a bonus of catching 3 crabs at once. The race was first up to 10 but we were so competitive that we raised the number to 20. After we both had tied at 20 crabs we decided that who ever made it to 30 first would be the winner. I was up for most of the race and when I needed 1 more crab it felt like forever because Daniel had 28 crabs and I had 29. The moment Daniel caught his 29th I caught my 30th, at first I was really happy then I realized I just beat a little kid and then I felt bad. But Daniel was a good sport and we congratulated one another and we crowned our self's as the "Crab Kings".
The Kids Looking at All Crabs We Caught

Jazeel Mendes- Chao

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