Thursday, August 7, 2014

Blue Cross Visits Save The Harbor

This week has been a really busy week with Staff day, the Blue Cross Blue Sheild day, and the beach bash and splash on friday. I was really excited for the Blue Cross visit because most of my friends are working for Blue Cross so when they came in it was really cool because I had an opportunity to show them a part of Save the Harbor. The day started of well, I had a chance to play with some of the kids who were going to Spectacle with us and I had a chance to learn what the all access crew did. The kids were all coloring and they were all really excited to go on the boat and visit the island because some of them had never been before.
The Blue Cross Crew

The day on Spectacle was well spent, we had an opportunity to help the community by cleaning the trash of the beaches and cleaning the dock which was filled with sea shells. After we had finished our duties we had the rest of the day off to go and explore the island or go play kick ball with kids. A few people went on the kayak tour which I thought was really awesome. My friends and I took a long walk to the beach and explored the island. Towards the end of the day it drizzled a bit but no one was complaining and they were pretty excited because they had to run for cover and everyone was just laughing and having a blast. My friends' review of the Save the Harbor was a 5 out 5, they said that they all had a really amazing day and that they had a lot of fun.
Me and Andrea Sweeping Away 
Jazeel Mendes- Chao

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