Saturday, August 16, 2014

Somerville takes Spectacle

Some of my Somerville friends pulling in the crab trap. 
This week we returned once again to Spectacle Island! It was a lot of fun with so many excited kids as always. On this trip though, there was one group that I knew particularly well. As I mentioned in my introductory blog post, I volunteer at the Somerville Public Schools’ After School Program at the Argenziano School.  Different Somerville Community Schools groups have come out with us on AABH earlier this summer, but this week a group from the Argenziano school came for the first time.

I have been hoping these familiar faces might make an appearance at some point this summer, and I was beyond thrilled when I saw the kids and some of the after school employees get off the bus.  It was so fun spending time with the kids and catching up with my co-workers. Once on the island, they had a great time fishing, hiking, and enjoying the beach. They loved the trip out to spectacle Island, and  can’t wait to return next year.
Isaac, Myself, Sheamus, Beckett, and Jackson (from left) on the boat ride out to Spectacle. 

I loved seeing how these kids get to enjoy the program. It was an absolutely amazing day and without a doubt one of the best highlights of my summer so far.

-Hallie Fox

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