Thursday, August 14, 2014


I thought I would have seen it all by now. Yesterday was my first time at Courageous and Community Sailing, as we were settling and preparing for the day I heard Sej say it was time to pull up the eel trap. "An EEL TRAP?" I quickly thought to myself, and yes there was a live eel slithering around everywhere in the trap. I had to ask if it was poisonous or even dangerous because last time I checked eels could sting you. I was wrong, I learned that there are different types and that the particular eel we caught could actually change color to fit with its surrounding. Pretty interesting if you ask me. What I enjoyed the most was leaving my hand in the tank and if you let it just hang as if it were dead the eel (at least it did for me) would slither through your fingers and you can feel how smooth the eel is in the water.
The Slithering Eel
It was pretty fun, I got to learn something new and be at a new site with fun and interesting people. I am looking forward to finding more sea animals.

Until the next one,
Chavelyn Santana

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