Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Beach Bash and Splash- One for the books!

Every staff meeting Bruce puts an emphasis on how this year is like none before and I must say I agree, this is a very unique year! Who knows, I may be tired from lack of sleep, but- I do know that this year's Beach Bash and Splash was the most fun I have had in my four years of service for our organization! Whether it being teaching the kids about mackerel, tossing every single staff member into the water alongside some daring colleagues, or just handing out hot dogs to hungry children, it was a great Friday.
Owwww Fish!

I usually operate sports, but after a forced ALS Ice Bucket challenge from Bridget and Maxwell, I branched out on an adventure. I fished with kids, played sports, jumped into the water, and carried Bridget into the water. Some may have called it revenge, but I call it an exchange of favors. It was a fun filled day, but then again I do work for Save the Harbor, everyday is a great day when we are by the water. Until next time, peace!

-Ahmed Hassan

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