Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Community Boating!!!

Looking at the fish with the kids
A chair that was on the dock that came from the river
Tuesday at Community Boating was pretty interesting. A few kids came over with us to the dock and were really excited to fish, one of the boys was a fish magnet! Right when he put his line in the water with the bait, he caught a fish, and they just kept coming. He was pretty awesome too because he brought his own fishing rod and tackle box and was so ready to go. I just started fishing this summer and it's really crazy that some of these kids have been fishing for so long to the point that they have their own equipment. I mean I guess it just depends the family and where they live so they can take their kids on fishing trips and stuff like that. I know later in life when I get older and have kids I want to take them fishing so they do not miss out on a cool childhood memory.

There was also this really cool chair that was on the dock that day that we've never seen before. It looked like it was in the water for a very long time because there were various things growing on it. In this picture you can see that there were some sponges on it as well as mussels and barnacles. This chair made many questions pop up in my head such as: how long was it down there? Who fished it up? Why are there so many things growing on the chair? All these questions shall remain unanswered.

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