Thursday, August 7, 2014

Lynn Nahant Kids Concert

Showing off the massive lobsters
I had the chance to join Tom and Sej at the Lynn Nahant Kids Concert where I had a blast.  The children were energetic and stoked that we had brought 3 humongous sized lobsters around 3 pounds each and we allowed for them to hold the lobsters and take pictures with their families and the lobster.

Save The Harbor looking good as always
We had a really awesome set up and were able to attract a lot of the kids over to our area which was definitely a plus and made the commute truly worth it.  One of the greatest joys Save The Harbor has brought me is having a job where I get to make children happy and share with them not only knowledge but the chance to spark a fuse of adventure in their minds which can lead to great futures and amazing discoveries.

Hunting for crabs
Luckily we arrived early to the event because it gave us time to go to the rocky area at low tide and find some crabs, hermit crabs and cool sea shells for the kids to hold and play with.

- Maxwell Kennedy-Reid

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