Friday, August 22, 2014

Lobster Traps, Crabs & Lobsters..Ohh My!!

It's hard not to feel some excitement pulling up the lobster traps each morning when the kids arrive at the Pavilion.  The anticipation grows as the trap gets closer and closer to the surface with every pull of the rope.  With all the excitement, the kids often jump in to help us pull the trap up faster.  This week we caught many green crabs and even one Jonah crab.  However, the main event of the week occurred when we pulled up our first lobster!

The kids went crazy with excitement when they saw the lobster. They helped us band the claws, and soon after wanted to hold it.  Then came the questions; they wanted to know everything about it.  One brave soul was even daring enough to wear the lobster on his head for a short time (just long enough to capture the perfect selfie).

Summer's newest fashion statement

All in all, starting off the day like this certainly gets me excited, and it's great to see the kids just as interested and excited as we are.  I can't wait to see what other interesting creatures we bring up this summer!

Until next time!

Lindsay Phenix
Senior Harbor Educator & Coach

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