Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Beach Bash and Splash Mural!

Friday was my second year doing the Beach Bash and Splash and I never expected that this year would be as exciting as it was last year. This year was different because we had Sam here to help us with the murals which made things much easier and more creative. Sam is an awesome art teacher, so when it came time to make the murals he gave me a confidence boost (he could tell I was nervous) and I felt much better and was ready to work. This year I also had the opportunity help kids color and cut their drawings to place on the mural.

Sam Teaching Us How to Paint Fish!
 For the mural we first had to paint a green/blue color on the paper to give it a deep ocean feel. After we had finished painting the murals we had to tape the outside of the paper and paint it with different colors so it would give it a more warm feeling. After the kids showed up we helped them make their drawings and cut them up. After they cut their drawings we used mod podge to put the pictures on the mural. At first it seemed like glue, but once on the canvas it dried up and gave it a shiny appearance. We had so many kids making drawings that we couldn't fit them all in, which was unfortunate. At the end of the day the mural came out amazing and I had a really good time with Sam. 

Me Working on the Mural

Jazeel Mendes- Chao

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