Friday, August 15, 2014

Kick Ball 13-1 !

Today at Blacks Creek the kickball game seemed to be fair when teams were being picked. Even number of counselors on each team, equal amount of kids and all -- atleast thats how it seemed. We were out in the field at first and the other team looked as ready as can be. First kick became an out and then the second kick became the second out and yup you guessed it , the third also became an out. It was our time to shine and we were certainly ready. After the first kick became a double run I knew this game was in the bag. By the third kicker we had two runs to zip and one on third base. Kick after kick became a run and next thing we knew the score was 8-0 with one out. My team was beat from kicking but we were still pushing, -or kicking for that matter. The ball was flying over the opposing teams heads, through their arms and out of their grasps. It looked like a miracle was happening. By the time we had three outs we had 13 points. The other team kicked and had two outs. It was not until one of the kids dodged every ball being thrown to get them one point. We were still satisfied with our victory and ended the game with high fives and bottles of refreshing water. Everyone still had fun despite the lopsided scores.

- Chemar David

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