Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Beach Murals at the Beach Bash and Splash!!

 During the Annual Beach Bash and Splash, a select group of artists and I had the opportunity to create some awesome murals! Esmeralda, Jazeel, Edward, Ruth, Roza and I started by painting the backgrounds an ocean blue hue. We then taped off the borders and created a multi-colored tile frame around it!

When the kids started arriving they drew fish and aquatic motifs on a separate sheet of paper, afterward they modge-podged them to the canvases! The result was priceless. The kids animals included first and foremost, sharks, octopuses, angel fish, bass and angelfish! When the modge-podge dried it revealed a crystal clear glaze against a bright blue background. Everyone was enthusiastic and the final mural will be displayed within the office very shortly.

The other mural we created was a more advanced rendition of a Striped Bass and Bluefish chasing baitfish. We used the flounder prints from the Seafood festival to outline the image in the middle... More postings when its complete!

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