Monday, August 18, 2014

Way too flexible my little friend..

So I have pretty much been to almost every programming site, and the new one that I went to this week was Piers Park in East Boston. It was pretty windy but I loved it! When we finally had all our little explorers we played a name game in where three of the kids proceeded to have a grass war with me. Of course, they beat me, since six hands are always better than two and I had to surrender. Maybe next time.

After playing a hardcore game of Capture the Flag, Jared proceeded in doing front and back cartwheels, flips, and splits. My mouth DROPPED, I could not believe what I just witnessed, a little boy with the energy of the Energizer bunny and the flexibility of I don't even know what. It was cool, and the other children kept telling him to continue doing all the cool tricks. And of course he continued with their request not at all tired from all the running and previous gymnastic tricks. The best part of the job is working with the kids. They are just so full of surprises and you actually learn a lot and have fun with them. They are a little bubble of fun and craziness that you cannot help but enjoy.

The COOL Kids

Down on the dock, we caught fish and crabs in our crab trap. It was my first time that I saw a native crab to the harbor and that was not a green or spider crab. Almost all of the crabs had barnacles, which personally for me, it is a disturbing view but it is somewhat an indicator that the crabs were doing well on the bottom of the ocean. Overall, Piers Park was fun and I enjoyed myself and the kids did as well. The kids were a group that I for sure won't ever forget.

Fish Are Friends

Chavelyn Santana

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