Thursday, August 14, 2014

Fishies at Piers Park!

Recently, at Piers Park we have been catching little fish in our crab traps! Probably because the temperature of the water has been getting warmer. The kids got really excited when we actually caught our first fish. It was the first fish we caught this summer at piers park, so it was pretty exciting. I'm hoping that we will actually be able to catch a fish on a rod by the end of this summer at Piers Park. We've been trying all sorts of ways, but so far still no fish. The kids are still very determined that they will be able to catch a fish everyday that they come, and I'm hoping they will. That would definitely be an unforgettable summer memory.

After fishing, the activity the kids seem to enjoy the most is the crab race! They get very competitive and come up with all these funny team names. It's surprising how fun it is to watch them cheer and encourage their crabs to walk faster. The best part is watching thier satisfaction when their team and crab wins.

Catch you later,

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