Friday, August 15, 2014

The Final Day

Showing off the muscles with the boys
Today was sadly my last day at Blacks Creek with some of the most adventurous, enthusiastic, outgoing children I have ever met.  The fact that I will no longer get to see them until next year is sad but also exciting because in that year they will grow, mature, and get even smarter than they are now.  Our last day together was spent playing kickball, foursquare and searching the creek for creatures.  You could tell the children were sad that it was the last day and all of them said they loved the program which was  great to here and made me happy knowing I played a positive role in someones summer.

Although some of the kids thanked me for a good summer I was truly the one who owed them thanks.  When you spend a lot of time with children they remind you how fun and simple life can be and give you a break from the reality of a stressful busy college setting.  They reminded me how the little things in life are reason enough to be happy and stress free

Hardcore games of foursquare

- Maxwell Kennedy-Reid

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