Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Last Day at the New Home

Fun With the Crabs
Hey Guys and Gals,

Blacks Creek Crabs
I was moved back to All Access for my last week of work, but as most readers know, All Access only runs from Tuesday to Thursday. So I enjoyed my last day at Blacks Creek and Camp Harbor View to the fullest. The kids at Blacks Creek were full of energy on that day so I was glad I had enough caffeine to keep up with them.  We played kickball and caught about 30 crabs, 20 minnows and 2 eels; over all a pretty good collection. Since we use the crabs as bait for Camp Harbor View kids, we left them in the bucket but the minnows and eels were released back into the creek. The crabs didn't have such a happy ending. No one wanted to be put on a hook and dangled in the water for possible fish to munch on. Unfortunately no one caught any fish, the lobster trap was lacking a lobster but there were crabs in the traps and a starfish that all the kids got to touch. We named him/her Shelby. After fishing club concluded we went on two beach walks. Lucky for us by the second beach walk the tide had gone down a considerable amount so there was more beach to explore. The kids found small green crabs, dead crabs, a spoon, sea glass and many pretty shells. Exploring Blacks Creek and Camp Harbor View have been a blast but I don't think I'll get to return to the sites this summer. School is starting in a week and Blacks Creek is finished for the summer. I wish the kids at Camp Harbor View the best of luck with their fishing. On a happier note, I am at All Access for my last week of work which is exciting.
Fishing Club
Still then,
Ruth S.

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