Thursday, August 7, 2014

My Interesting Welcome to Blacks Creek/Camp Harbor View

Hello all, 

Uncle Sam: Popular Game at Blacks Creek
I have been moved this week to Blacks Creek in Quincy and then Camp Harbor View for the second session on Long Island. I learned that a lagoon is very different from the Harbor that I'm used to. Though it leads into the ocean and is saltwater, the harbor is probably my favorite of the two. I'm not saying that Blacks Creek is great for exploring the banks, but the current can be dangerous. I'm a strong swimmer and I wouldn't test currents. Nevertheless there are hermit crabs, minnows and other fun little creatures. I also got to play my favorite game of Save the Harbor/Save the Bay: Kickball. The kids at Blacks Creek are a little younger than those on All Access but they were just as energetic to play the game. After the kids at Blacks Creek I was exhausted. From now on I will sleep at least 12 hours a day because the kids at Camp Harbor View were dying to get out on beach for walks and discovery. Unfortunately we were only recruiting kids for the fishing club so there wasn't a lot of time for a walk. Nevertheless a trip out to the pier concluded that there are a lot of crabs in this part of the Harbor. More than I ever expected there to be; the lobster in the trap was female so no one had a lobster dinner tonight but I'm sure there will be more. 
The Crabs You Find at Blacks Creek
It was nice to meet new staff members from Save the Harbor/Save the Bay. I've never been to Long Island and this is only my second time out at Blacks Creek. The new experiences were good, so I think I'll enjoy the time I have here. Never leave a stone unturned!
Till then,

Ruth Scott

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