Saturday, August 30, 2014

Bye Bye Boston Harbor!

Working with Save the Harbor Save the Bay this summer has been such an incredible experience that has surpassed all my expectations. As a photographer, I was so lucky to be able to spend time at each site throughout the course of the summer. Each site is so unique in their environments, but they all offer kids an amazing summer experience.

Each day, I was amazed by the children’s excitement, enthusiasm, and curiosity.  I have grown up around the ocean, and this summer made me realize that it has something I have most definitely taken for granted. The ocean, especially Boston Harbor, offers so much to our community. It was amazing watching children of all ages discover and learn about the environments around them. It was amazing meeting all of the kids who came to our programs this summer, and it was equally amazing getting to know the Save the Harbor staff.  It was incredible being able to come to work with such amazing people each day. I learned so much from everyone and made some amazing friends. I am so thankful to everyone I worked with but especially to Bruce, Patty, Bridget, and Amy.  This amazing summer wouldn’t have been possible without all of their guidance and support.

            Since I was mainly a photographer this summer,  I wanted to share some of my favorite pictures:

I am so sad to see this amazing summer come to an end. I already miss being on the harbor and spending time with my phenomenal coworkers every day. Thank you so much to everyone who made this summer so memorable and extraordinary

- Hallie Fox 

Ivan, Lindsay and me at the top of Spectacle Island

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