Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Lobsters at Courageous

First time banding lobsters
 Oh my goodness!!! We caught lobsters at Courageous!!! There are so many lobster traps that we have at Courageous and we finally caught something other then crabs. As soon as we got there we checked the trap and put them in the floating crate and left it in the shade. As soon as some kids came we went to the end of the dock and checked every trap with the kids. We also had two new traps that Sam brought there for us to place so we did that with the kids too.

I learned how to band lobsters on Tuesday which was pretty awesome and very difficult. Luke held the lobster and Andy held its claws closed so that I could band it. Since it was my first time doing this I was so confused on how to do it and didn't know how to get the tool off once I had the band on it. But I figured it out and I definitely want to do it again since it was really cool. 

Sej getting the lobster out of the bait bag
There is actually a funny story about how we got one of the lobsters out. One of the lobsters was stuck in the bait bag. My theory is that it was just being greedy and crawled into the bait bag and just couldn't get out. At first we thought it was dead but once Sej started peeling back the bait bag it moved a little bit. I hope that no more lobsters get stuck because I'm sure the lobster wasn't too happy about being stuck and who knows maybe if we would have waited longer then it could have died. I don't think anyone wants that to happen. 

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