Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Squid on the Harbah

Recently I have been fishing in East Boston during low tide around public piers. We gravitate towards areas with light and structure such as docks and pilings... Why? You might ask? For Squid! Squid frequent Boston harbor and are primarily nocturnal hunters, meaning they hunt at night. Squid's diet include anything they can get their tentacles around including fish and shrimp. They consume their prey wit h sharp hardened beaks that pack a lot of force.

If someone wanted to attempt to catch squid, they would need a freshwater rod: or something light action, and a weight wit ha squid jig. A squid jig is a small semi buoyant piece of plastic with thirty or so little barbs on the bottom. The mentality goes: When the squid attacks the jig it gets tuck on the hook, and the angler reels it up.

Not only are squid great to eat, but they serve as excellent striped bass bait live. So if you are ever fishing at night around a well lit area consider squidding!!

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