Wednesday, August 13, 2014

First time at Spectacle

This week at all access we went to Spectacle Island. It was my first time at Spectacle island this summer. While there we had an intense football game with one of the youth programs that had joined us on the island. After the game, we played another, followed by another. We played about four games of football when it was all said and don..both teams brought their A game and everyone had a blast!

We also had the opportunity to do some sand art on the beach. We took rakes and made sea animals in the sand, this activity was more for the younger kids but I really enjoyed it! I don't think that any of the kids had ever done sand art before, but they had a natural artistic talent. Pictured below the kids helped Sam construct a striped bass in the sand. They really loved it, and later this week we will take our sand art to George's Island!

See you next time, Preston

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