Wednesday, August 13, 2014


This whole week has been a new experience for me. My site was moved from Community Boating and Courageous Sailing Center, to All Access. I went from having about 20 kids a day to 300 plus before 9:30 am. My first day was a little hectic, but I managed to get used to it. We take all of these kids on a boat to different island where they can explore the island, play games and swim on the beach. It's a new experience for many of the kids as well, since some of them have never been on a boat, or been to one of the Boston Harbor Islands.  

But the fun and games don't start on the island, they start on the boat. From card games, to juggling to the legendary game of double bounce, the kids start smiling long before we get to the island. The kids are fond of our game double bounce. If the ball comes to you don't let it bounce twice, or you;re out! I don't think there is a more entertaining and time passing game as double bounce. Not only does it let the kids have a little bit of fun on the boat, but it lets them interact with different kids from different programs.

See you next time, Preston

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