Wednesday, August 13, 2014

New Friends

On the last trip to Spectacle Island of the week, there was a group of Hispanics that were very quiet on the boat ride to the island. I soon figured out that many of them barely spoke English. There was a girl who would need to translate what was said from an English speaker to her friends and then translate back what her friends said. Since I had known that they couldn't really understand English, I decided to have some fun. So when I walked over I saw that they were cold and this is why they were so quiet. I would just tell them stuff about the island in English and ask them questions. A few of them did know a bit of English so they would nod or shake their head at my questions. It was funny to see how confused they would look. Once I told them I was just kidding with them and I actually spoke Spanish, I started having conversations with most of them. They soon loosened up and started teaching each other different types of dancing. They were teaching each other punta, cumbia, salsa, merengue and bachata. You could tell that they were in a different setting than they were used to, but they soon got used to a new environment and they were bale to have fun. I was not with them while on the island, but I saw them on the boat ride back and it looked like as if they had fun.

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