Wednesday, August 13, 2014

First Time at Peddocks

My first time at Peddocks Island was a pretty cool experience. You can play sports, fish, and unlike George's island, you can go swimming here too. I don't know if it had to do with where Peddocks is positioned or something, but the sun was blazing like no other day I have gone out. I also forgot my hat that day so that may have influenced how much the sun got to me. But, playing kickball in that sun was so tiring because where we played the sun hit us dead on. The sun made the beach look that much more refreshing. I believe that the beach was not as cold as the one on Spectacle Island. I also met Governor Patrick on Peddocks. It was a good experience to see such a well known political figure and now that he is finishing up his term, I'm glad to see that he is taking in Boston treasures like Peddocks. I hope to one day see all of Peddocks as I hear that there is so much more to the island that we have not yet seen. It would be a good adventure to hike there as well.

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