Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Splash Away!

When it comes to free hot dogs, best believe kids will show up bright and early. It was amazing to see so many children from different neighborhoods get together and enjoy the hot sand, the beach, face painting and of course the free hot dogs. Not only were the kids excited but the mentors and adults that supervised the children. This was a time everybody can work and have fun.

I was put on petition duty, and I honestly did not mind. I got the opportunity to tell people the good things Save the Harbor was trying to do, which is to provide reduced or free fare to the Boston Harbor Island which also included the ride there. Being able to do so gave me the opportunity to learn how to advocate and think on the spot when you did not know the answer to a question. I suggested for people to look online to our website, which will also serve the purpose of company exposure. 
Getting Signatures for the petition
I got to talk to a mom that loved the idea of a free trip to the island, she was telling me how she would love to take her kids out but things are just so expensive especially going out to the harbor island. She loved that we provide free activities for children and said that she was going to look into our program as soon as she got home. Another woman, was not so happy with this idea, and she did have a point.

At the end of the day, the JPAs and LHEs with some SHEs got together to play and enjoy ourselves. It was the best part of the day when we got the buckets and started out a friendly war with the water under the hot sun. It was the best day ever.
Preparing for the big SPLASH
Tah Tah,
Chavelyn S.

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