Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Staff Day 2014

     Every single summer at the beginning of August all of the Save the Harbor staff head out to Spectacle Island for an excellent day of sports, food, and of course, swimming. Other than the Fan Pier fishing tournament, Staff Day is my most favorite event of the summer. It is a day where all of the staff can get to know one another better and bond more. The day started out early at 9, where everyone was expected to meet at the marina next to the Aquarium. As soon as the boat reached Spectacle Island, everyone congregated on the dock where Bruce and Patty's boat the Verandah was docked. Following a brief yet inspiring speech by the pair the staff headed off to the meadow for a massive kickball game!


     Determining the teams for the kickball game was easy; the teams were simply the All Access crew against the No Access crew (the staff that work on sites). Despite the best efforts of my No Access kickball team, we were dominated by the All Access team by a margin of at least 8. The disparity of the score became so one sided that we simply stopped keeping track of the score. After the game the majority of the staff proceeded to play an intense volleyball game. My team which included Sam, Maxwell, Thi, and Iris handily beat the opposing team. When all was said and done we went back down to the dock to have a delicious lunch of hot dogs, cookies, chips, and refreshing watermelon. Staff Day 2014 was a success!

-Vinh Tran
Lead Harbor Explorer

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