Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Return to My Old Haunts

Hey everyone,

David Coffin Probably Scared Them 
I'm back on ALL ACCESS! I'm super excited to be back where it all began. This week we are on Georges Island. Fort Warren was bustling as usual. It was nice to catch up on all the happenings at All Access. A trip through the Dark Tunnel was also in order though I might have some nightmares for a while. There was a stuffed animal sitting in a shaft of light with its head torn off and orange paint all over it. I was convinced that David Coffin had left it there as a practical joke but apparently he did not. I could not take a picture of it because the tunnel has to stay dark and I didn't want the Lady in Black to find me. After my terrifying journey through the Dark Tunnel, I played kickball with the usual and got to practice my soccer for the upcoming season. I pretty sure that it needs work, but that is what practice is for. The kids had fun playing with us but I think they enjoyed exploring the fort more. I need to do more exploring I've only ever been in a few spots of the fort. It's much more interesting than it looks.
He Must Have Been Terrified
Anyone who comes out to the islands should invest in some good sunblock, I've gotten ridiculous tan from all the sun and water reflection of the sun. I've reached the term known as "crispy." Unless you'd enjoy being crispy, then please wear your sunblock and bring lots of water and a good hat. The sun creates pre mature aging, skin peeling and possible cancer. Not that you should be afraid of it but please recognize it as a formidable opponent  to your skin.
Stay safe,
Ruth S.

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