Thursday, August 14, 2014

Lobsters on top of lobsters

     It seems like almost everyone nowadays loves eating lobster, but did you know that this delicacy was once fed to prisoners back in the day because they were deemed a "poor man's food?" At first glance they are very unsightly, resembling large insects that happen to live in the sea. Fast forward a couple hundred years and lobsters are now a delicacy that is oftentimes 10 dollars a pound! Usually people go out to expensive restaurants to eat lobster, but I'm positive not many people can say that they can go to work and bring home huge lobsters for dinner. At the Harry McDonough Sailing Center in South Boston, we just can't stop catching lobsters every single day. Be it small or large, we always catch lobsters. Even when there is no bait in the lobster traps, lobsters still appear in the traps when we pull them up. It is almost like any staff member from Save the Harbor that works at McDonough is a certified lobster whisperer.


     Yesterday on Monday when Jazeel and Kelly went out in Pleasure Bay on a motorboat to check the traps, they came back with not only one large lobster, but three others as well! On a regular day at McDonough we manage to catch three or four at most, but only one of those lobsters out the four is large enough to keep. We usually have to release the smaller lobsters because they are not keeper size. Yesterday was one of the few days where every single lobster was enormous and of keeper size. When we catch lobsters that are keeper size, someone can take them home for dinner! The lucky people were Candido and a couple of McDonough staff members. Candido took two home while the two other staff members took home a lobster each. Anyways, for future reference if you are craving lobster and have some spare time on your hands, come hang out with the Save the Harbor staff at McDonough!

More lobsters!

-Vinh Tran
Lead Harbor Explorer

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