Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Crustacean Craze!

Hello again fellow explorers!
"No I don't want to leave, there's free food here!"
        Last week at Courageous Sailing center we had an explosion of crabs in our lobster traps! We discovered that bait such as crushed mussels and dead fish were a favorite snack for the hungry crabs. As a result, just about every trap we pulled up was teeming with crustaceans scurrying around the inside. Taking a look inside the bait bags, just about everything was picked clean, leaving behind only fish bones and the shells of mussels.

        After we wrangled all the crabs into our touch tank, we counted 50 total crabs! Ranging from green crabs, rock crabs, and Asian shore crabs. All those crabs in one tank provided ample entertainment for the extended day kids at Courageous. Crab races were by far a favorite for the kids, and while the crabs didn't want to cooperate, they're random scurrying along the dock kept everyone entertained. We even took advantage of the opportunity to get a group picture of everyone holding a crab in each hand! Overall the crab craze at Courageous was a great opportunity for any and all to experience holding a crab and have a good time.

Everybody say "crustacean!"
Until next time, keep on exploring!

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