Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Its Been Real

Over the past 6-8 weeks, I had the opportunity to work with some amazing people. These "coworkers" as some would call, are my family. They may not be immediate, but after countless efforts at providing perfect service to the city we are a unit. As these last days approach us, I would like to personally thank everyone that works with us. All the staff in the office, the interns, Bruce, Patty, fellow LHE's and SHE's, etc. This summer has been a great success, we achieved success over certain parts of struggle, and as a unit we prospered.

This Sunday, I depart to school, to continue my personal journey with the intentions of success for the future. Many of the people I work, have offered their insight on life and college, and I have learned a lot. I worked alongside a fellow classmate, the VP of my grade at Stonehill, Maxwell Kennedy-Reid. We are tackling this obstacle, as friends, but brothers after this summer. It was an honor getting to work with him.

I spent countless honors on the beach with the kids, playing double bounce on the Provincetown II, and offering great service to  over 5000+ children of Boston and surrounding cities. This summer has drew me closer to the harbor, everyday I enjoyed work more and more. Bruce always told us at meetings how he enjoyed this summer a lot, and I believed him as it was active, but as the summer has now ended, I could not agree in any other matter. To everyone apart of our team, I wish you the until next time. This summer was good, and next year  I have the intentions to return and make it GREAT (Tony the tiger voice) !

-Ahmed Hassan

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