Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Busy Week at Peddocks

I know picking favorites is usually taboo, but I think it's safe to say Peddocks Island is my new favorite Harbor Island.  My first week there was jam packed with excitement and even a celebrity appearance.  The first two days were filled with fishing, an intense kickball game, and snorkeling! Once I was suited up in my mask and fins, cruising through the water was effortless. I'm really hoping that on our next trip there will be better visibility so I'll be able to capture life on the bottom with my GoPro Camera!
Chavelyn's Selfie with the Governor. You go girl!!

Our third and final day at Peddocks was marked with a special appearance from Governor Deval Patrick. The whole island was a buzz with excitement.  As a special gift from Save the Harbor, we presented him with a golden fish print that was made at our tent during the Sea Food Festival.  I think the biggest highlight of the day may have been Chavelyn's selfie with the Governor!  I'm really looking forward to venturing back to Peddocks Island.

Lindsay Phenix

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