Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Little visitors!

At McDonough Sailing Center Save the Harbor has been getting new little visitors. Some of the kids at McDonough having been going home and telling their siblings how much they have fun hanging out with us, that they invited their parents and siblings to come and join in on the fun! The best part about it is, that they have actually returned and their mom told me that her kids were so eager to come to McDonough to pick up their siblings so they could see the crabs and lobsters. It automatically puts a smile on my face when I see how happy and excited they look when they get to actually touch and hold one. They enjoy it so much to the point where they ask their mom to stay.

 It makes it even better when I encourage a kid to try something new. Such as being to scared to hold a crab, I actually never expect or force the kids to do it, but they somehow always have enough courage to hold them. The new little visitors would definitely have to be one of my highlights this week.

Catch you later,

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