Friday, August 22, 2014

When The Animals Came To Visit

This past Sunday I had the opportunity to work the event in the North End. Sundays are not one of the most exciting days of the week to work, but this sunday I was very excited. At first when we arrived the place was really quiet and there wasn't much life around, but as soon as the band came on and started playing it felt like a different place. The bands were all great, especially "Street Magic" which was a group from the same neighborhood where the event was taking place. There were many other organizations like ours that took time from their busy schedule to do something nice for the neighborhood.
La Familia

There was everything from the balloon man to street magicians to even a animal shelter that had the cutest little animals. The shelter brought with them little chicks, bunnies and they even had two little goats. I was really happy that they showed up because we had our touch tank which had sea animals and they brought a whole mini zoo which was really awesome. Everyones faces lit up when we saw them bringing the animals through the park. We also had a chance to show many kids lobsters and many of them had never held one or seen one before. That was also really cool because it's an awesome feeling when you show someone something for the first time. Overall the event was great there was free food and live music and most important all the kids had fun.

Jazeel Mendes- Chao

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