Thursday, August 7, 2014

Camp Harbor View Is Crawling With Excited Campers

First Time Holding a Crab 
Hello Again,

Since I've been moved off All Access, I had to get comfortable with my new home: Blacks Creek & Camp Harbor View. Camp Harbor View has a long pier that the fishing club shares with the sailing club. The fishing club has been a blast. The second round of campers are engaged and excited to get to know the ocean. Most of them don't even know how to cast a fishing rod but with determination, perseverance and genuine excitement at the opportunity they learn quickly. Some of them have never touched a live crab, or held a lobster. It's a wonderful feeling being able to see someone learn something new or experience something for the first time. There're opportunities around every corner at Camp Harbor View.

Another popular activity is the beach walks. We've only had a few walks and they've always been at high tide so we find mostly dead things but there's plenty of shells, dead crab carcasses and snails to pick up. The beach on Long Island where Camp Harbor View is located, is full of shells, smooth rock, beach glass and old china. It is probably the most enjoyable thing to see kids engaged in what they are doing. Climbing over rocks and stepping through shells would have been boring but they campers make it much more enjoyable. I was originally disappointed at being moved but with the right amount of coffee and the campers I think this new summer home is much better then I expected.
Stay Happy,
Ruth Scott

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