Friday, August 8, 2014

Striper City, USA

     Last week I worked at the Boston Children's Museum. The Children's Museum is known for fish, but only for small fish like choagies or perch. What I didn't know was that in front of the Children's Museum you could catch large fish like striped bass! My first day on site I helped a man (with the help of his young son) land a respectable 17 inch striped bass! The people at the museum were ecstatic; they were not aware that any fish could be caught in front of the museum at all! The next day, we didn't catch any striped bass but we did catch a five inch long perch. The expert fisherman that caught this specimen was a little girl. It was her first time fishing ever, and with my guidance she was able to catch her first fish her first time! It is really satisfying to know that I helped make a little girl's day. Her mother was overjoyed, she certainly gave me a lot of praise for helping her little girl land her first fish.

     The following day, it was like any other day. For bait we used squid, mackerel, and oysters. The day was going slow because of the extreme heat, and not many people stopped.  To try and grab the attention of the surrounding people I grabbed a rod, baited the hook with a sizable piece of squid, and casted it out into the harbor. Not more than a minute or two later the end of my rod started to flex and curve. I knew I had a fish.  When I reeled in the line all the way I found out I had just caught a striped bass! When it was measured the striper came out to 19 inches, not too bad for a day's catch! I had to release it again though, because the size to keep is 28 inches. Overall, the Children's Museum is a blast because it is very likely you will catch a fish!

-Vinh Tran
Lead Harbor Explorer

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