Saturday, July 23, 2011

Another Week in Paradise

Hello harbor island explorers!

The past 2 weeks have been spent at the famous Spectacle Island, and it has been so so hot! Because of the heat, most of our visiting campers made the smart decision to stay in the water while we've been at Spectacle, either by walking along the shore looking for sea glass or by simply jumping right in to the waves to cool off -- including yours truly!

This past Thursday a group of campers from Paige Academy came out to the island with us, and about 10-12 of these young explorers went on a search for treasures with Mark, Candido, and myself. Paige Academy has visited Spectacle and Georges Island with us over the past years, and the kids are always enthusiastic and well-behaved. These young campers spent a good part of their day amassing a huge pile of sea glass and pottery, and even got to meet the Save the Harbor, Save the Bay President, Patty Foley!

I love working with the campers from Paige Academy, and all of our other campers, because they make me really appreciate my job. They are so excited to come to the islands, and are so happy to spend the day playing on the beach and flying kites that I am almost always in a good mood when I leave work. So a big thank you to Paige Academy, and all the other groups that come to the islands with Save the Harbor!

Until next time harbor goers,


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