Thursday, July 14, 2011

Crab Race!

Everyday at Piers Park the kids catch different kinds of crabs in the crab traps. The two main species of crabs that they catch are Red Rock Crabs and Green Crabs. The kids get so excited whenever they catch a crab and they always want to know whether the crab is male or female. The crabs walk around the touch tank until it's time to pack up the equipment for the day. At this point, the kids excitement goes through the roof because they know it's time for crab races! They line up the crabs close to the edge of the dock and whichever crab goes to the water first wins the race. Lately, the Green Crab has been the fastest crab and usually makes it to the water before any other species of crab. It's so much fun to watch the crabs race and it's definitely a good way for the kids to release them back into their habitat. I can't wait for the next crab race, GO GREEN CRABS!!

-Will Clark

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