Monday, July 11, 2011

Are we going to Hawaii?

Last week, the Save the Harbor crew took two trips to Spectacle Island. For many of the youth that join us, it is their very first trip to the Harbor Islands. For some, it is a reminder that Boston is actually on the water. One group, the Blue Hills Boys and Girls Club, was particularly surprised. Here is just a little bit of the conversation I had with some of the boys from the group:
Me: "Are you excited to get on a boat today?"
Youth: "We're going on a boat?"
Me: "Yes, to go out to the islands."
Youth: "We're going to islands? Are we going to Hawaii?"
Me: "No, you're going to the Boston Harbor Islands."
Youth: "Woah, there are islands here?"
Me: "Yes, there are."

And not only did he get to see that there truly are islands in Boston Harbor, but he became a seafarer, beach-side archaeologist, and intrepid explorer:

This week, we will go to George's Island, and I am sure we are in for another exciting week of firsts.

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