Sunday, July 10, 2011

First Week at Piers Park

Piers Park this week was incredibly fun and exciting. At the beginning of the week, many of the kids didn’tknow how to fish, but they learned very quickly. By Thursday, most everyone was able to cast a line and reel in the hook like a pro. Though we haven’t caught any fish, every one of us remains hopeful that we will catch something soon. We also had many talks about the wildlife around the bay. All are able toidentify several different types of crabs as well as being able to tell the difference between male and female crabs. We caught Red Rock Crabs, Green Crabs, and Jonas Crabs, with the crab traps that everyone learned how to use this week. We also looked at different kinds of tunicates and sponges. All of these creatures are a part of a habitat the kids learned about called, the intertidal zone. Friday, we applied our knowledge in a song that we performed for all of the Piers Park programs to the tune of the “Spongebob Squarepants” theme song. They all performed very well and looked great fun costumes that we got to wear. Though it was raining on Friday, everyone still managed to have a ton of fun with activities like making jewelry and playing basketball. It was a great week and I look forward to working here again this summer.

Annie Adams

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