Monday, July 25, 2011

Staying Cool in the Hot Summer Sun

The past couple weeks have been really exciting for our Harbor Explorers. We have had such a successful summer so far, I have the feeling its only going to get better from here. Last week, I was working at Piers Park and Courageous Sailing Center, two of my favorite sites. Despite the scorching heat, our group was able to stay cool and still enjoy the harbor. The temperatures reached over a hundred degrees! On days like that, it is very easy to get dehydrated. It's extremely important to drink lots of water, so I made sure the kids took plenty of water breaks. Showing their true toughness and dedication, our explorers managed to brave the heat and still catch some of their favorite critters (including a lobster!)
Although we have managed to catch lots of sea creatures, the hunt for a striped bass is still on at these sites. I am optimistic that our team will reel in a keeper soon because fishing in the Harbor has been slowly but steadily increasing. A potentially helpful tool for our hunt could be switching up the bait we use. In the past, sea worms have worked very well, so in the coming weeks I think I will use more. Mixing things up will be a nice little change for our young explorers as well. By using different bait, like switching from muscles to herring or lures to live bait, the kids can start to learn what catches the most fish. I will be sure to keep everyone posted as to which bait works best!

Till next time,

Tom Regan

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