Friday, July 29, 2011

Spectacle Island

On Tuesday I participated in the All Access Boston Harbor program. While Hugues and I were checking the lobster traps, we noticed we had caught a female lobster. Although I took a marine biology course this past school year, I had never held or even seen a living lobster in front of my very own eyes (other than at the grocery store!). I, however, was not afraid to handle her. We also caught a red rock crab, which has recently become one of my favorite marine organisms.

The touch tank was a phenomenal success with the campers, mainly because of the lobsters. The campers were very willing and daring to hold such a large organism, regardless of their fears. As we all unloaded from the boat, the campers and I were excited to be at Spectacle Island. There was very little wind, but the campers continued their attempts in flying the kites. One of the highlights of the day was when Tom, Aruna and I looked for tree branches to hold one of the kites open. Tom mentioned that as part of our job at Save The Harbor, sometimes we have to make modifications to keep the campers from being bored. Nevertheless, the kite did end up flying in the sky. It was great to see the youth kids fly the kites, especially the ones who had never flown one before. All Access Boston Harbor is a great opportunity for children to do activities that they have never done before.


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