Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What a Spectacle

Today at Spectacle Island was an exciting day. The morning was a bit hectic, as the staff and I tried to organize over 300 people! After the presentation by the always enthusiastic David Coffin, we managed to get each group on the boat with no problems. It is really something special to be able to send that many kids out on just a single trip. I remember when I first started at Save the Harbor, we would be lucky to have half those numbers. In the past couple years alone, I have watched the All Access program grow tremendously. Starting this year, we have had to use the largest ferry in the A.C. Cruise Lines fleet to accommodate our large increase in numbers. Of course I will miss the Virginia C-II (the oldest ferry in the Harbor), but it makes it worth the loss to be able to take so many more kids out to enjoy our beautiful islands. I truly do feel blessed to have such an amazing job.
Once we arrived at Spectacle, the kids were eager to get out onto the island. After a nice picnic-style lunch, some of our staff headed off to the beach to begin the search for treasure while the rest of us (myself included) took a group up to the top of the north drumlin for kite flying. I never get tired of the view from up there! Standing 176 feet from sea level, Spectacle is the tallest island in the Harbor and therefore offers some of the best views of the city and surrounding islands. Being up there now, its hard to imagine that years ago I would be standing on smelly, harmful trash. The transformation of this island from a trash dump to a beautiful park where kids get to run around, swim, and have fun is remarkable. Today also made me realize something. Not only could the Treasures of Spectacle Island program apply to the various sea glass and pottery found on the beach, but (at least for me) it can also apply to the island itself. Spectacle has transformed into a treasure for all to enjoy. I can't wait to get back out there tomorrow.

Till next time,

Tommy Regan

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